5 Apps on the Google Play Store that are worth your money

Having been a long time user of Android, there are obviously those apps that I have “grown” to love. Those that I’ll always have with me no matter what Android device I am using. Some are available on the Google Play Store for free, some cost a few dollars. Whatever the cost, they are worth it. Android is not a platform known for having users that are too developer friendly and generous with their purses/wallets (that honour goes to my iOS friends, rightfully). However, for those of us who love Android to the core, use Android devices as our daily drivers and would love to see the platform prosper and motivate the developers to even get their best out on the Play Store, parting with a few $$ for quality apps is not an afterthought. Here are a few apps that are definitely worth their price tag on the Play Store (in no particular order):

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard

Best. Keyboard. Ever.

Price: Ksh 410.92

Play Store Link

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

For the lovers of the smooth nice looks of Holo themed Android, Nova, Apex and Holo Launcher have been our friends. While  Apex and Holo Launcher are equally great apps geared to bring the same vanilla Android look and feel to your Android device, I have special liking for Nova Launcher. It is just superior to the others in my opinion and definitely worth the price tag. It is one of those apps that I turn to when using stock ROMs more so stock Samsung firmware since I am not a fan of TouchWiz. Whereas you may encounter lag on your device’s skinned stock launcher, Nova is smooth and does not at any given time stutter.

What’s more? There are hundreds of themes for Nova that can be installed from the Play Store to fully customize your device from anything like a Sense 5 look to iOS 7 looks to having the Galaxy Note 3’s wallpapers or the looks of the yet to be unveiled KitKat.

Price: Ksh 339.56

Play Store Link

3. Poweramp


There’s Poweramp then there are other music players. Period.

Price: Ksh 338.71

Play Store Link

4. OfficeSuite


We all get emails when we least expect them. Sometimes they require immediate attention and you’re just far away from your very able PC. Now what do you do? This is where OfficeSuite comes in. It allows you to open PDFs (obviously), create and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides.

I know there are good free apps on the Play Store that can do similar stuff like Kingsoft and just recently Google removed pricing from Quickoffice but I still find OfficeSuite to be a much better app. In fact the only app that I can pit OfficeSuite against in its turf is Documents To Go which goes for around the same price as OfficeSuite so it is just a matter of choice and reliability. I used Documents To Go since it came bundled with the very first Android device I ever purchased and then used Quick Office since it came bundled with the second Android phone I bought but the two despite being up there with the best have never impressed me the way OfficeSuite has. The choice is yours ultimately though.

OfficeSuite’s pricing is too steep though. Ksh 1,200+ is not a small amount of money but for the value it adds and the productivity, its worth it.

If you have an Office 365 subscription from Microsoft then you can ignore this app since I always hold Microsoft’s Office suite in high regard and would prefer and recommend it over any other app(s) any day.

Price: Ksh 1,272.51

Play Store Link

5. Echofon PRO

Echofon Pro for Android

Just like any app out there, Echofon is not the most perfect Twitter app that you’ll find; the likes of Falcon PRO contend for such honours. However, of most apps that require some payment for the Pro/Premium version that I have used over time, it is the most fulfilling. Simple dark interface and doing just what it does. It does not have a slider like Uber and Plume do but I never missed it. Besides, I usually find that a slider stands in my way.

Price: Ksh 423.61

Play Store Link



  • Prices are in Kenya Shillings (Kshs)
  • Prices normally change from time to time. There are occasional promotions whereby you can get an app for half the price. The holidays are fast approaching so you should watch out for good offers on the Play Store. Also, developers are free to revise pricing of their apps from time to time.

I do have several other premium apps that I really like and use on a day to day basis ranging from games like Asphalt 8 to root apps like Titanium Backup. I’ll pen down something on those later on. I just wanted to highlight a small bunch of apps that appeal to everyone. Not everyone is a gamer or loves rooting and modding their devices like I do.

What other premium apps are a must have for you?


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