While I was away, a cobweb song

It’s been a while since I posted here.

There have been very many queries about my unannounced absence. So much that I have a “Cobweb” label in my emails just to handle all those queries.

Time my friends, time. In fact, I stole a few minutes that I ought to have used to serve you elsewhere just to pen this down. I, after all, have a responsibility to my many readers.

I am sorry this place became a desert. I tend to have a lot of time in my hands when I’m in school. I will be going back to school soon so you’ll see a lot of what you’re used to seeing here frequently. Also, I’ve never had a break from my studies. This is the very first time in the last three and a half years that I have several months to do other things. I think I have used that holiday well to advance in ways I know best. That came at the expense of neglect on the part of this blog. There’ll be more such periods in days to come as my many schedules tighten but I believe those periods won’t be as bad as the last two months have been.

The cobwebs have had their fill in the two months. They celebrated Thanksgiving here in November, wore Santa hats on Christmas Day in December and now in January, it is time to kick them off.

Keep the emails coming guys, they motivate me. I hope this meaningless post is the first of many to come this year.

Meanwhile, work has started. I am still as busy as ever but I’ll try to make sure this oasis of mine does not dry up. Not even when the Harmattan gets bad. I’ll focus on all the areas that I have always had a strong liking for: opinion pieces on the goings on in tech, your definitive Android stuff and of course a good laugh at the end. Oh, I also happen to be penning a lot of current tech stuff over at Techweez. You may ant to check what I write there once in a while.

Here’s to a more prosperous 2014. Last year was good, this year should be bigger and better.


PS: For guys on Facebook, I know that page exists. It is just that I have never mastered interactions on Facebook. I prefer Twitter. I’ll be checking that page more often this year but I cannot promise anything. Maybe in 2016. I have a special liking for Twitter. A Google+ posting won’t be ignored but the contact form on this blog/email and Twitter remain the most suitable ways of interaction I would recommend.

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3 Thoughts on “While I was away, a cobweb song

  1. Caroline on January 16, 2014 at 9:28 PM said:

    I was wondering whether my subscription got broken. 😀

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