Galaxy S5 pre-orders in Kenya; which one is best for you?

Samsung is the only device manufacturer that does this kind of thing in the Kenyan market. As such, just as was the case with the Galaxy S4 last year, it teams up with various industry players to offer its customers the best of its best. For the Galaxy S5, which will be officially unveiled on the 11th, we now have pre-orders from online retailers and the mobile operators themselves as well as traditional walk-in mobile stores. Here’s a quick look at what each one of them has prices the Galaxy S5 for those who will pre-order it and what else they offer as an accompaniment and other perks.

Galaxy S5 Blue

1. Safaricom

It will be giving out the Gear Fit for free with every purchase of the Galaxy S5 which will cost you some Ksh 74,999. Buyers of the device also get a 3 GB internet bundle. You can pre-order online or physically if you visit any Safaricom retail outlet near you.

2. Airtel Kenya

It will sell you the Galaxy S5 and the Gear Fit bundled together for Ksh 89,999 if you pre-order the device before April 7th. Additionally, you also get 1.75 GB of data.

3. FoneXpress

One of Kenya’s leading phone and accessories stores found only in branches of supermarket chain Nakumatt, FoneXpress ha opened pre-orders for the Galaxy S5. You’ll part with Ksh 74,999 in return for the Gear Fit and the Galaxy S5 and a 1.5 GB data bundle. Visit any FoneXpress branch to pre-order Samsung’s 2014 flagship smartphone.

4. Duka1

The Galaxy S5 will cost Kshs 69,948 if ordered through Duka1. Note that here you won’t get the Gear Fit or some free data bundle. You can pre-order directly on the Duka1 website.

5. Jumia

Ksh 69,999 is all you need for the Galaxy S5 to be yours if you pre-order it online through Jumia. Just like Duka1, you won’t be getting free data and the Gear Fit with this pre-order deal.

The Galaxy S5 is likely to launch with a fixed market price and for the most part these pre-orders are the closest you’ll come to getting a good deal for the forseeable future unless you plan to hold out till prices of the Galaxy S5 drop after around 6 or so months.

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2 Thoughts on “Galaxy S5 pre-orders in Kenya; which one is best for you?

  1. Dexxe on March 25, 2014 at 4:08 PM said:

    Airtel offers 1.75 Gb every month for 3 months. But I would still go for the cheapest of them all. I care less for the extras. Might just get them later. Hell, I can even wait to get the phone later, after the price has gone down a bit. Like when they will be making S7 hivi. 80K is a lot of money to spend on a gadget that you will ditch for another in a year’s time.

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