Manage Your Android Device From Your Computer With Mobogenie

Perhaps you saw me tweet this yesterday and was wondering ‘what the hell is that?’ Wonder no more.

I and a few of my friends like @anzex_ have been great fans of AirDroid for a while now. While AirDroid is such an awesome app, at times you have your USB at hand and can do with local transfers of files, access to your texts, gallery app and music collection without having to route traffic through some remote servers. I felt really great when AirDroid 2 that rendered the requirement that your PC and the phone be both connected on the same network useless showed up on Play Store. That same feeling was with me as I downloaded Mobogenie early yesterday.

Mobogenie is just like AirDroid. Only that here you have to go old school with your USB cables instead of a wireless connection. The advantages? Well, Mobogenie allows you to edit your contacts from the comfort of your PC. You can install apps as well. No need to download apps then side loading them later. You can access messages, you can as well backup and restore your phone. You can download photos, videos and music, watch YouTube cat videos too. There is just so much you can do with Mobogenie. Install it and find out more on your own.

For those of us who spend their entire days in front of LCD screens tapping our miserable lives away on a keyboard, apps like Mobogenie are a welcome addition. I just switch tabs to view my text messages and get back to work. I’ve been using Mighty Text for this but I am thrilled that I am even getting something that can do more without the need to connect to a network. In this day and age of the NSA snooping on us, channeling all my texts through the internet is really creepy and it even gets worse with the security scares posed by AirDroid that led to it being flagged by the US National Vulnerability Database. Indeed when I posted something about the usefulness of AirDroid on my Facebook page sometime last month, I was quickly reminded of that.

Mobogenie isn’t an angel either, it is a work in progress but it holds great promise.

How do you get it?

  • Download the setup file from here.

mobogenie echenze 1


  • Run the downloaded setup executable file from your Windows PC (I tested this on Windows 7 and it worked well. It should work just fine on Windows 8 too).
  • Enable USB debugging on your Android device. On devices running Android 4.0 and up, debugging mode can be enabled from Developer Options in the Settings app. For Android 2.3 and below, the same can be found in Settings > Applications > Development. For Galaxy S4 users, accessing Developer Options requires a few more steps. See here for that.
  • Launch Mobogenie on your PC
  • Connect your Android device using its USB cable
  • Wait for it to sync
  • Enjoy

*Of course you don’t need to be rooted to use this app. However if you are rooted you get the extra privilege of being able to access the system files on your internal storage in /system. Doesn’t hurt, does it?

Here are a few screenshots:

I can even update my apps from here :)

I can even update my apps from here :)


I can't miss any of my texts anymore.

I can’t miss any of my texts anymore.

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