Upgrading the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to Ice Cream Sandwich [PART 2]

Part 1 of this post is found here. Make sure you read it first. Very important.

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus running Honeycomb. Photo courtesy of the Samsung website


Neither I nor anyone affiliated to this blog will be responsible for any mishaps, device bricks or problems after the upgrade so do it at your own risk.


1.  Make sure Samsung Kies is not running on your computer. Check your list of running tasks and active processes and disable/deactivate (do not uninstall, just disable it. How? Open Task Manager in Windows and view running processes, then stop the process associated with Kies) Kies. You only need its drivers.

2.  Run Odin muti-downloader.


3. Power off and boot your Galaxy Tab P6200 into download mode. (You do this by pressing the volume down button and the power button simultaneously until it displays “Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0 Plus”. Immediately that is displayed, release the power button but continue holding the volume down button. Your device will then enter into download mode. The device will prompt you that “installing custom ROMs …” just ignore the warning and press the volume down button (or otherwise instructed) to continue into download mode. That’s it!)

4. Connect your tablet to your computer using the USB cable (use a laptop with a reliable battery or a desktop machine that has a UPS so that your firmware update is not disrupted by an abrupt power outage. Should such a thing happen, a brick is imminent). Upon connection, it should load the Samsung USB drivers successfully. If they are not successfully installed then unplug and plug in again. If the drivers are still not being installed properly then do this (on a Windows machine):

  • Right click the My Computer icon and select Manage.
  •  Go to Device Drivers and look out for Samsung Android device or simply Android device. Right click it and select Update drivers or something like that.
  • Let it search for drivers automatically by selecting that option (“search/scan and install drivers automatically” or something of the sort). If you have installed Kies or the standalone Samsung USB drivers then it will find them in less than 30 seconds. If not, check that you have all the requirements that are listed in the first part of this post.


5.  Check that Odin multi-downloader is displaying a small yellow-filled bar in the ID:COM section. Check illustration below. If it is not displaying the yellow filled bar then something is wrong and it has everything to do with drivers not being detected. Just go back to previous steps (more so step 4) and install the drivers. If it has the yellow-filled bar then you are good to go.

6.  Do not change anything else i.e. leave all the options the way you found them. Only change the PDA section by selecting the PDA tab and browsing to where you downloaded your Android 4.0.4 firmware update file to. The file you are going to load into the PDA section must have a .tar.md5 extension and not anything else. (I am aware of the other way of having the separate files for each of the sections like CSC, PDA, MODEM and at times PIT but I have deliberately ignored that method of updating firmware because it may be very confusing to most of my readers here. That is the case why I am only advising that you just add the .tar.md5 file to the PDA section and leave every other option as you found it when you ran Odin. The Re-Partition option is only checked if you have specified a PIT file. In my case, I did not use any PIT file so you too should ignore it i.e don’t check it; leave it as it is).

7.  That is all. Click the Start button in the Control Panel section of Odin multi-downloader.

8.  Wait until the upgrade process is complete. Once complete, the yellow-filled bar will turn green or blue and display the word PASS. Make sure you see the word PASS. If the update failed then the bar will be in red and display FAIL. In the event your upgrade failed, redo the whole process once again. Otherwise, congratulations, you have just upgraded your Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0 Plus P6200 to Android 4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich using official Samsung firmware.

9.  Wait for the device to reboot. It should reboot automatically once Odin displays the PASS message. Do not disconnect the USB cable until the device has fully rebooted and you are on your new ICS (laced with Touchwiz) home screen.

If Odin displays the “PASS” message then your upgrade has been successful.

10.  While rebooting for the first time, ICS will automatically optimize all your applications for use in a new environment. You will realize that all applications function normally after the upgrade. However, I recommend that you do away with them. How?

  • Power off the tablet.
  • Boot into recovery (you do this by simultaneously pressing the power button and the volume up button. Once the tab displays “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus” then release the power button but continue holding the volume up button. You will thus enter into stock recovery).
  • In recovery, wipe the cache and also factory reset (use the volume up and volume down buttons to navigate. Use the power button as the “ok” button i.e for selecting highlighted options).
  • Select reboot

One more thing:

  • This process does not in any way void your device warranty since you are updating your device using original firmware and not a custom ROM.
  • If your device had been rooted prior to installing this firmware update then you will have to root again since all superuser permissions are lost during the upgrade process (Details on how to root and install custom recoveries like ClockworkMod Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 will be posted here later).

Enjoy ICS on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200. Post any observations, questions and comments in the comments section below.

Check screenshots here.



**Update 1** – Tuesday, 4th September, 2012.

The firmware update for Hong Kong which can also be used to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to Ice Cream Sandwich has also been released and is available for download courtesy of samfirmware.com here. You can use it to upgrade your Galaxy Tab to ICS by using the same procedures outlined here. I however recommend the Open Austria update since it is the one that I have tested on multiple devices and continue to use daily on my tablet.

**Update 2** – Wednesday, 5th September, 2012.

Firmware updates for the Philipines (Smart, Sun, Globe), Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are now available. Follow the links for download. I still recommend the Open Austria update for users not from those countries/regions though.

**Update 3** – Thursday, 6th September, 2012.

I have written comprehensive step by step procedure on how to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Read it here.

**Update 4** – Saturday, 6th April, 2013. [JELLY BEAN!!!!]

Samsung has released the long awaited Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Your tablet can now get all the Jelly Bean goodness it so deserves. The update is only available to P6200 owners in the Open Austria countries via kies. However, instead of waiting for your region-specific update which could delay for a while, why not download the Open Austria firmware and flash it on your own? If you can’t wait to get Jelly Bean goodness then hit this link and update your beloved tablet. Don’t forget to share the feedback. The procedure is the same as the above of updating to ICS so just substitute ICS with Jelly Bean and do the necessary.

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  • pmd

    The download link for the Austria firmware expands into a .md5 file. How did you get past this, or is there a different link we can use- thanks!

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Yes you should get a .tar.md5 file which is what you will use to flash with Odin. Which link specifically, the link to a hotfile or the alternative download link?

  • pmd

    hotfile, but odin didn’t recognize the file. I’m probably just missing a step somewhere. I’ll try it again. Thank you very much formthr how to- good stuff!

  • arunwilson

    Can I use open austria firmware for India ?

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Yes you can. The Indian firmware update will be out soon though.

      • arunwilson

        Any problems reported after this update ?

        • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

          no problem, everything working well.

  • Rivaaj Singh

    Hi Chenze

    i have followed the instructions & it shows pass but when it reboots it goes back to the Samsung start up screen & does not go further.please help!

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      I hope you reflashed using Odin again since that is what you should do.

  • doc_a

    it sucks after downloading and joining the file win rar says the file is corrupted hate you for this

  • benb

    thanx for the info & tips…how long does it take? ..all i see is SetupConnection…??

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      not more than 8 minutes

      • benb

        hmmm..still getting the same result..what am i dooing wrong? should i change dates or regions on the tab settings?

      • benb

        hi, finally figured it out and did the update!! after getting the
        SetupConnection…?? , i scrolled to the reboot opion and selected it with the power button on the tab and it immediately went to a new screen and started installing on both the odin app on the PC and the tab itself. Am now on ICS…looking forward to jellybean!!

        • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze


    • benb

      Attached is the screen shot if the process…

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  • Benjie

    Yo!! it worked man, thanks!!!!! I’m runnin on ICS baby!! Quick question though, the GT-P6200 was locked in a network. How come after the upgrade, it is still locked??

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Because this is stock firmware and still, flashing any firmware (whether stock or custom) does not change the device network lock status.

      • Benjie

        Yo, Emmanuel. Thanks once again. It actually unlocked so I can use any service provider :) However, I cant get the IMEI number from *#06# HELP!!!!

  • Armiel

    Hi, Emmanuel!

    Any idea on the wifi issue after updating to ICS? It seems that after I have successfully updated my Tab 7.0 Plus to ICS using your very effective instructions, the wifi is able to scan the available networks but whenever I tried to connect it becomes ‘Out of Range’.

    Hope you can help with this issue,


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  • http://www.facebook.com/voltairelozada Rudolf Voltaire Coo Lozada

    Hi! Haven’t tried yet, but will be guided accordingly. I’m from the Philippines, but the local service centers can’t upgrade my Galaxy Tab 7+ because of my Baseband Version (P6200DXKK5). Checking over the net, I found out that my baseband version is from Malaysia. Given this, do I download the update from Malaysia, or do I download update from a carrier in the Philippines?

    *I bought my unit from a shop that’s not affiliated with any of the local networks.

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Get the one from Malaysia.

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  • HT

    Hello Chenze,

    I tried to update following the instructions, but nothing happened, the last message was all threads completed ( succeeded 0/ failed 0). any help please?

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      What I’ve outlined here is basically how I went about my upgrade and it worked for me. Hope you were successful.

  • HT

    Hi Chenze, the upgrade failed and the message says (Complete write operation failed) any help please?

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Is it the P6200 or another variant?

      • HT

        yes it is, the model is GT-P6200,

        • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

          Retry. Backup your stuff, factory reset your device then reflash.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Emmanuel, I appreciate all your posts. It is really a good help for everybody. However, I have some questions regarding my galaxy tab 7.0 plus. Hope you can spend some time in replying/helping me. Thank you in advance.

    I am presently in the Philippines but I bought my tablet in Saudi Arabia last year. Kindly find below the details of my tab:

    Model Number : GT-P6200
    Android Version : 3.2
    Baseband Verion : P6200XXL7
    Kernel Version : 2.6.36-P6200JPKL2-CL606727 root@DELL144#3
    Build Number : HTJ85B P6200JPKL2

    I want to update my firmware to ICS (I know it’s kinda late), I have been searching the net for more than a week now and I’m so confused on what to do. First, I tried to update it using Kies but it says that my firmware is already the latest. Then a friend of mine told me to use the Odin, I tried using Odin but I don’t know which firmware to download. Can you help me update my firmware? Would it be possible for you to give me the exact steps on what to do? Thanks. I really appreciate your help.

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Hi, just read through this post and also its first part. All the relevant links are included therein. Tell me where you get stuck.

      • Jonathan

        Actually i’m stuck from the very beginning :) don’t know which firmware to download. I am currently in the Philippines but I bought my tab in Saudi Arabia.

        • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

          Download the Austria firmware, should work everywhere. Better yet, the Philippines firmware is also available, get it.

          • Jonathan

            ICS baby! Thanks a lot Emmanuel! Any Jelly Bean update? :)

          • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

            Its coming soon. The 7.0 Plus is in the list of devices Samsung will upgrade to Jelly Bean.

  • Christopher Asingayan

    hello Emmanuel how about the official ics for my galaxy tab i`m from Phillipines..

    i upgrade my tab in jellybean 4.2.1 unofficial and i want to downgrade to ics official, what file i download that compatible for my tab? thanks..

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Hi Chris, just use the Phillipines firmware as stated on this blog. Better yet, you can use the international firmware, the one for Austria region. It will still be ok.

      • Christopher Asingayan

        any links for the file to download?

        • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

          There are links at the end of this article, on update 2. Follow those

          • Christopher Asingayan


  • Jay

    Is it really necessary to factory reset because i have apps&games that i really worked hard for.The App Backup & Restore app only backups the app only as an apk file but the data in the app or game will not be restored.If it is really necessary to f.reset ,do you know a backup app which saves the data & app???Other than that I understand how to upgrade the firmware etc. ,please reply …Thanks.

    • http://www.emmanuelchenze.com/ Emmanuel Chenze

      Hi Jay, Yes it is very necessary you factory reset after the upgrade. You can ignor this and continue using your tablet but from my experience you may have several issues like the device overheating, frequent app freezes and force closing and other nuisances. I recommend a factory reset so that you start afresh. Not only will your device feel new, it will also be free of any old system dumps that just fill your device’s internal storage and slowing down things.

      I know the limitations of App Backup Restore. Instead you can use Titanium Backup. So you’ll do this: upgrade your device but don’t factory reset. Then root the tablet (Step by step instructions here http://emmanuelchenze.com/rooting-the-samsung-galaxy-tab-7-0-plus/). After rooting is complete, download Titanium Backup from Play Store. Titanium Backup is a handy root app that will allow you to backup not only your apps but their system data as well so everything of yours will be safe.

      After backing up with Titanium Backup, copy the folder named “Titanium Backup” that is in your tablet’s internal storage. This file/folder has all your app+data backups so make sure you copy it and back it up preferably on your computer. You can also copy it to your external storage (sd card). Then go ahead and factory reset. All the data in your internal storage will be wiped.
      After the factory reset, root your tablet again using the procedure as outlined in the link I’ve provided above.
      After rooting, transfer the “Titanium backup” folder back to the internal storage. Then go to Play Store once again and install Titanium Backup. launch Titanium Backup and navigate the tabs in the app and start restoring your apps. When you select a backed up app you’ll be asked whether you want to restore the app, data or app+data; obviously choose app+data.

      • Jay

        I’ve rooted my tab before so i know how to root it …Thanks for taking your time in answering this question. Really appreciate it=D

  • Sunny

    Thanks my Guy, I was able to upgrade mine.
    It is really cool and easy

  • kamal

    ive downloaded the 545mb file but it cannot detect it when im trying to browse where i put on my dekstop and i cannot put it in the pda collumn. it does not says it is in a md5 or tar file . mine is in zip file . can you please help

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